Majestically Present

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Majestically Present

Christmas is a time of remembering. We have personal memories at Christmas that are magical but also memories that are painful and sad.

We would like to help you turn your thoughts toward Majesty this Christmas and find relief from the stress and worry this season can bring.

What is majestic in our lives today? Other than watching The Crown series on Netflix there does not seem like much.

Today’s Focus – God’s Part:

In Psalm 68 David is remembering God’s glory and power. The theme of this Psalm, as stated in the Life Application Bible says, “Times and culture changes, but God is always majestically present as defender and provider.”

Wow! I want the majestically present God in my moments. Just the word alone strikes my soul deep with desire for more, something this world can never provide. David is remembering the Ark of the Covenant that Moses followed years before him. David himself followed the Ark of the Covenant as it ceremonially re-entered the temple in Jerusalem. This object is where the presence of God rested in the Holy of Holies of the temple.

Today through the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ we want to help you personally experience the majestic presence of God Himself in moments. Together let us resolve to capture, not squander majestical moments only God can provide.

Our Part:

YadaFactor is a process that uniquely helps us capture these moments as I did reading Psalm 68 several days ago. Here’s what we suggest to help YOU capture majestic moments before the year ends:

  • Go out and buy a notebook or journal to write in.
  • Place the date at the top of the page and the day.
  • Ask God where in the Bible He might want you to go.
  • Begin reading just a little.
  • Now begin to write to God how you’re feeling about your day. Be honest and real with Him.
  • As you write include things that stood out as you read from the Bible.
  • Talk to God with your pen about what you read, what you need, what your afraid of, or what you deeply desire.
  • Are you feeling alone, forgotten, mistreated, angry, hurt, happy, thankful? Give it all to him.
  • Ask Him to speak to you through His Word before you begin.
  • Finish up with a prayer.

God is waiting for you to come into His presence. This is what Christmas is all about. He knows you, your deep heart, fears, wants, needs…and He wants to speak to you.

Our part is to practice this after every day, trusting God to provide majestic moments. Remember God is not looking for your perfection. Like a good Father He only desires you.

May God pour His blessings and favor on you as you come and adore Him!

Debbie Csutoros

Debbie Csutoros

Yada Factor Founder Executive Director