Thank You For Connecting With YadaFactor

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“2023 has been an amazing year, and we just want to say—Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

Rick Ouimet is YadaFactor’s Board Chair, a licensed pastor, and pastoral counselor. He has a sincere message for everyone who has been connected to YadaFactor this year. Whether you have prayed, donated, volunteered, or simply participated, we are grateful for your part in YadaFactor.

It’s Because Of You

Reflecting on this incredible year of YadaFactor, we are grateful for the remarkable community surrounding and supporting our ministry. We extend our heartfelt thanks to all the generous donors, volunteers, and prayer warriors who have played a crucial role in helping people hear God’s voice in their everyday lives through the Read It/Write It/Share It method.

Your connection with YadaFactor goes beyond your contributions; it is a testament to your deep commitment to inspiring others to read the Bible more often, integrate what they’ve read into real-life circumstances, and share weekly in their safe community of three to thrive, not just survive. 

Your generosity has fueled our initiatives and become the driving force behind the impact of our online classes.

Here’s Why We’re So Grateful

You’re Empowering Others

At YadaFactor, we believe in the power of connecting others to the Lord and each other. Your participation has empowered individuals to know God is present and speaking to them. 

Their lives changed by asking one question:  “What do you want to say to me today, God?” and then listening through God’s Word. 

You’re Making A Transformative Impact

Because of your support, we can continue to offer our 7-week classes online for free. 

The classes provide intimate fellowship based entirely on God’s Word for people whose life circumstances and relationships often initially overshadow the joy and freedom promised in Christ. All that changes as they learn it’s possible to

Hear God personally through reading, writing, and sharing scripture.

When someone begins to hear God with increased certainty, they are transformed. The Lord unlocks deep intimacy by His power and through His Word.

You’re Building a Community

YadaFactor is not just a ministry or classes; it’s a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for hearing from the Lord. One participant said, “The group was so supportive, inspiring, and encouraging that I found myself really looking forward to our weekly meetings.”

Many YadaFactor participants become life-long friends as they listen fiercely to God and one another.


Gratitude in Action

As we express our gratitude, we want to assure you that nothing is wasted. Every dollar you’ve contributed, every prayer you’ve prayed, and every hour you’ve volunteered has allowed us to dream bigger, reach farther, and impact more lives. 

YadaFactor is not just a ministry; it’s a movement, and you are an integral part of it. THANK YOU!

Looking Forward

With your continued support, we are excited about the future and its opportunities. Together, we can continue to help more people experience God in new and fresh ways. We are currently updating our course to be more robust and effective in the coming year. We want to train more coaches and offer more opportunities for both women and men to experience YadaFactor. 

Can we count on you for your prayer support as we move into the new year? Also, for YadaFactor to continue, we are totally dependent on the Lord to provide donors with unwavering generosity. He has never failed us, and He won’t now. We believe 2024 will be the biggest year YadaFactor has ever had—thanks to people like you and our sovereign, gracious Lord and King.

Help People Connect To God And Each Other

YadaFactor runs on the donations of generous people like you who believe in the importance of hearing the voice of God and growing in our connection to His Word and each other. To continue offering this online course for free, we need financial partners to help us reach more people worldwide. Gifts of all sizes are valuable, and we make monthly donations easy.


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Connecting The Next Generations Through Generosity

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“YadaFactor is simply the best way I know to help the family of God become more like Jesus.”

Ann Hollensen is YadaFactor’s course administrator, and she first started financially supporting and serving our ministry out of gratitude. She’s so thankful for how Yada has impacted her life that she wants to give back.

One day, when Ann was attending a class at church, the teacher asked a question. 

“What would you do with a million dollars?” 

After thinking a minute, Ann realized she would give it all to YadaFactor. She knew firsthand that as people learn to hear God’s voice and connect more deeply with Him, they heal and become more obedient—able to serve where He leads.  She smiled at the thought of what it would be like to give that kind of gift to YadaFactor, where God would be glorified, and others would be helped. It seemed like the very best investment.  

“Yada is the best way I know of to keep company with God and learn a life of love and listening.”  

Ann is so grateful for the coaches who first taught her how to hear God’s voice. She wants to pay it forward and share YadaFactor with others. She hopes her legacy is how she helped others connect with God, hear his voice, and learn a life of love through YadaFactor.  

If YadaFactor has blessed you, would you pay it forward and make a donation before the end of the year? You may not have a million dollars to give, but every gift of any size helps us offer our course for free. DONATE NOW.

“I want it to be around for my grandchildren and for their grandchildren. And that’s why I give to YadaFactor.” – Ann

Are You Ready For A Deeper Connection?

The greatest outcome of YadaFacor is a deep awareness that God Himself is present and speaking to you. Through the FREE online YadaFactor course, you will go deeper with God, and with training and practice you will read the Bible more often, integrate what you read into real-life circumstances, and share weekly in a safe community of three to thrive, not just survive.


Ephesians. 5:1-2: Watch what God does, and then you do it, like children who learn proper behavior from their parents. Mostly what God does is love you. Keep company with him and learn a life of love. Observe how Christ loved us. His love was not cautious but extravagant. He didn’t love in order to get something from us but to give everything of himself to us. Love like that. (The Message)

Help People Connect To God And Each Other

YadaFactor runs on the donations of generous people like you who believe in the importance of hearing the voice of God and growing in our connection to His Word and each other. To continue offering this online course for free, we need financial partners to help us reach more people worldwide. Gifts of all sizes are valuable, and we make monthly donations easy.


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Connecting To God’s Voice Across The World

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“Yada is the sort of experience that should be provided to everyone in Nepal.”

God’s plans are beyond our comprehension. YadaFactor founder Pegi Richardson had an unexpected connection with a young girl named Asmita from Nepal.

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the LORD.” -Isaiah 55:8

While on a mission trip, Pegi visited an Awana club in the slums of Kathmandu, Nepal, where she met 11-year-old Asmita. Their connection was heartwarming as they communicated despite their language barriers.

Pegi felt a strong sense of responsibility for Asmita that she couldn’t ignore. She contacted a Nepali pastor to ask how she could help her. In his response, he cautiously and respectfully asked, “Why Asmita? There are hundreds and hundreds
of kids in the Kathmandu slums.”

Pegi responded with a simple truth, “Because God won’t let me forget her.”

Today, Asmita is a thriving 22-year-old woman who has been saved in more ways than one.

Connecting One Young Girl to the Voice Of God

Asmita began her YadaFactor journey at the young age of 13. Pegi, who has assumed the role of Asmita’s mother, led her to the Lord and taught her to hear God’s voice in her everyday life through Yada’s “Read It, Write It, Share It” method. With training and practice, she read the Bible, learned how to integrate what she read into her real-life circumstances, and shared her journal weekly with her mom.

Before discovering Yada, Asmita faced a world where sharing her thoughts and experiences was often challenging. In Nepal, as in many other places, societal norms* restrict open communication about personal struggles. Asmita’s journey with Yada, however, changed this. It allowed her to share her life, her joys, her pains, and her trust in God, first with her mother and then with another Yada sister in Nepal. Now, Asmita is also a YadaFactor coach helping share Yada with other Nepali women.

For nearly a decade, Yada has helped Asmita discover what God is saying to her through His word.

But Asmita’s Story Doesn’t Stop There

Asmita recognizes the potential for Yada to bring about positive change in her community. She believes everyone in Nepal should have access to this transformative ministry.

In a society where many women, particularly from the older generations, face challenges with education and English proficiency, there is a need to translate Yada into Nepali. Doing so would allow countless women to enjoy the same benefits and opportunities that Asmita and her friends have gained.

Making A Difference In The World Through Connecting

The heart of Yada lies in its ability to connect people and God through listening, writing, sharing, and supporting one another through prayer. Like Yada participants here in the United States, Asmita found her Yada Sister. They meet regularly to share their journals and their deep awareness that God Himself is present and speaking to them. This kind of connection to God and one another is something that is often missing in traditional cultures across the globe.

Imagine the difference it would make if more people worldwide could experience YadaFactor.

Asmita recognizes the broader need for this type of support in Nepal, especially among women who may have been denied education or remain limited by language barriers. YadaFactor is a lifeline for many, and Asmita is eager to give back and support our ministry through her prayers and whatever other means possible.

Asmita’s Appeal to You

In her moving video message, Asmita appeals to those who have already experienced the transformative power of Yada to support YadaFactor and ensure that more people know Jesus every day and understand what God wants to say in their lives.

Her story is a testament to the change that Yada can bring to individuals and communities.

Asmita’s journey with Yada is a reminder that, in a diverse world, the voice of the Lord should be accessible to everyone, regardless of language barriers or cultural differences.

Let her story inspire you to consider what God can do through Yada that exceeds our wildest dreams.

Let’s Share Yada Around the World

The impact of the free online YadaFactor course has already been felt in our local communities and in several other countries around the world.

And God’s not done!

YadaFactor runs on the donations of generous people like you who believe in the importance of hearing the voice of God and growing in our connection to His Word and each other. To continue offering this online course for free, we need financial partners to help us reach more people worldwide.

Gifts of all sizes are valuable, and we make monthly donations easy.


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*Wikipedia states that less than 2% (1.76%) of the population in Nepal are Christian. In this antichrist society, it makes it 10 times harder for people to trust each other and share their personal lives. Some Christians who have shared their testimony of Christ have been sent to jail for trying to convert others. Yada provides a safe way to for Christians in Nepal and other countries to connect more deeply with God and each other.Gifts of all sizes are valuable, and we make monthly donations easy.

A Journey To Discovering Genuine Connections

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“I told myself that I could never fail,”  Jess reflected on her struggles from a year earlier. “I needed to be in control because I needed things in my life to go a certain way, and that kept me from connecting authentically with other people. I didn’t want anyone to think poorly of me. What if someone corrected me? I had fears about what that would say about me.”

When Jess signed up for the free online YadaFactor course, she embarked on a journey without clear expectations. Little did she know the profound impact it would have on her life. Armed with her Bible and journal, she approached the experience with a simple prayer, “Jesus, help me break free. Move me from head knowledge to heart knowledge.”

When We Struggle To Connect Genuinely

Connecting with others on a deep and meaningful level is something we all crave. It’s a fundamental part of being human and intricately linked to our spiritual well-being. But despite our desire to connect, many struggle to form genuine, lasting bonds with others. Control issues and other sin struggles cause significant roadblocks to creating authentic connections with the Lord and others. 

Like Jess, many people find the core principles of YadaFactor help them trust in God and build more profound, meaningful connections with others. Genuine connections thrive on authenticity, empathy, and understanding. These qualities flourish when we learn to wrestle truthfully, reorient our lives vertically, and listen fiercely to the Lord and each other. 

Six Ways Yada Helped Jess Genuinely Connect

  1. Believe God’s Truth

Jess began her transformation by wrestling truthfully with the Lord about her control issues and insecurities. She started evaluating her feelings and thoughts against God’s Word—the ultimate truth.  

In a posture of humility, she approached Jesus with her emotions and experiences, allowing Him to speak into her life. Through daily journaling, God graciously revealed a profound truth to Jess. She is not (and never has been) the one in control. 

The truth of God’s word began to transcend her feelings, fears, or thoughts about any situation. She began to place her confidence in the Lord and trust that he wanted to speak to her.

  1. Trust The Lord

Trust is a cornerstone of genuine relationships, and it became a central theme in Jess’s Yada journey. The Lord’s trustworthiness became increasingly evident as she learned to break down Scripture and apply it to her life. 

Trusting God was the key that allowed her to surrender control. Jess realized that trusting God leads to spiritual growth and not vice versa. Her trust in God’s grace and peace fueled her spiritual maturity.

  1. Seek The Holy Spirit

Jess’s journey led her to a profound realization: the Spirit of God resides within her, and she can hear him speaking. She began seeking the Holy Spirit’s guidance, and the Lord became her strength, conviction, and comfort.

  1. Find Authenticity

Jess’s desire for others to perceive her as someone who loved Him had overshadowed her genuine identity. She had forgotten what it felt like to rest in the identity He declared over her and simply rest in Him. Jess found real connections thrive on authenticity and accepting herself as Christ made her. 

  1. Listen To Others

Authentic connections require active listening, empathy, and understanding. Yada taught Jess how to listen thoughtfully and attentively to others. Instead of listening solely to respond or control the conversation, Yada allowed her to step back and truly hear others. Jess has transformed her approach to listening. She now listens thoughtfully, asking the Holy Spirit for guidance on how to respond. 

  1. Listen To God

Her time spent with her Bible and journal has evolved into a meaningful conversation with the Lord. The more she engages with Him, the more she recognizes His voice. Although sometimes listening to God’s voice might be challenging and require persistence, God consistently shows up and speaks to those who earnestly seek Him. Looking back at her journal entries, Jess recognizes that the wisdom she found there was not her own—it was divinely inspired.

Jess’ Story Can Be Yours 

Jess’s journey is a testament to the transformation that can occur when we relinquish control and place our trust in God, allowing authentic, meaningful connections to flourish. She would not have experienced this transformation without the impact of the free online YadaFactor course, which gave her essential skills and pointed her toward listening to the Lord in her daily life.

We run our courses several times a year. We intentionally keep them small and intimate, which means they also fill up quickly. Sign up for our emails and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to find out when our next session of courses is open for registration. 

Help People Connect To God And Each Other

YadaFactor runs on the donations of generous people like you who believe in the importance of hearing the voice of God and growing in our connection to His Word and each other. To continue offering this online course for free, we need financial partners to help us reach more people worldwide. Gifts of all sizes are valuable, and we make monthly donations easy.


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Spreading Holiday Cheer While Building God’s Kingdom

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The holidays are just around the corner and now is a great time to consider how God may want to use you to give generously to your favorite charities. The Bible provides a rich tapestry of teachings and examples that guide believers toward a life of generosity, emphasizing not only the act of giving but also the heart behind it. 

In this blog, we will explore the concept of biblical generosity and the transformative impact it can have on our lives and communities.

  1. Understanding Biblical Generosity

Biblical generosity goes far beyond monetary donations or material gifts. It encompasses a spirit of openness, compassion, and love. A central verse that encapsulates this principle is found in Acts 20:35 (NIV): “In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.'”

This verse highlights the idea that generosity is a blessing, not just for the receiver but also for the giver. It speaks to the transformative power of giving, suggesting that it enriches our lives in ways beyond the material.

  1. Biblical Examples of Generosity

The Bible offers numerous examples of generosity that can inspire and guide us. One of the most prominent is the story of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37). In this parable, a Samaritan helps a wounded man on the roadside, going out of his way to provide assistance. The lesson here is that biblical generosity involves sacrificial love and compassion for others, transcending cultural and societal barriers. Another inspiring example is the story of the widow’s mite (Mark 12:41-44). A poor widow gave all she had, emphasizing that generosity is not about the amount but the heart’s disposition. It teaches us that every act of kindness, no matter how small, is significant in the eyes of God.

  1. Generosity as a Way of Life

Biblical generosity is not just about sporadic acts of kindness or tithing; it is a way of life. As 2 Corinthians 9:7 (NIV) states, “Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.” This verse emphasizes the importance of joyful, purposeful giving, devoid of coercion. Living a generous life involves helping those in need, supporting charitable causes, and expressing love and care through our actions. It’s about making generosity a habit, not an exception.

  1. The Transformative Impact of Generosity

When we embrace biblical generosity, it transforms our lives and communities in remarkable ways. It fosters a culture of empathy, love, and selflessness. Acts of kindness ripple through society, creating a more compassionate and caring world. Moreover, generosity has been linked to improved mental and emotional well-being for the giver.

Biblical generosity is a guiding light for Christians, reminding them of the importance of giving, not just for the benefit of others but for their own spiritual growth. It encourages us to give with an open heart, without expecting anything in return, and to make generosity a way of life. By following the principles and examples provided in the Bible, believers can experience the transformative power of generosity and contribute to building a more loving and compassionate world.

We are so grateful for the generosity of those who support the ministry of YadaFactor and join us in helping people know it is possible to hear God personally through reading, writing, and sharing scripture. 

Let’s all spread holiday cheer this season to build God’s Kingdom! 

Written by Emily Reed, Marketing Assistant

Coaches Spotlight: Julie Garner

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What drew you to YadaFactor?

I was really overwhelmed by some devastating circumstances and things in my life felt like they were falling down all around me. As a result, I was experiencing a lot of anxiety and depression. It felt like I was just a shell of a person. Then a friend told me about Yada. I didn’t fully know what I was signing up for, but I knew I needed to try it.

What do you like about coaching?

Because Yada has changed my life so much, I love sharing it with others. To me, this is true discipleship. I learn to follow Jesus closer and listen to the voice of the Lord more carefully, and then I help others do the same. I want the women in my class to have a similar life change that I’ve experienced.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Umm…Yada! HA HA! In all reality, I don’t have much spare time. I work, homeschool two teens, actively serve in my church, and juggle all the appointments and life demands–like so many women do. So, when I have downtime, I really do gravitate toward my Bible and journal. In addition, I love just spending time with my family doing just about anything. I just love being together or being with friends.

What one word would you use to describe YadaFactor?


Why would you suggest YadaFactor to friends and family?

I think many of us feel like we know God because we go to church or we’ve learned about him. But YADA is a deep, intimate knowing. It’s not just hearing what someone else knows about him, but knowing Him for yourself. Deeply and personally. Knowing him (Yada) has brought me peace in the midst of raging storms and clarity in the presence of confusion. I want everyone to experience this kind of depth of relationship with the Almighty God. He is EVERYTHING.

Is there something special you’d like to share with other coaches in the YadaFactor community?

I’m thankful for the coaches who have poured into my life and vulnerably shared their journals and lives with me. I haven’t just gotten to know the Lord better, I’ve made some really beautiful friends through the amazing Yada coaches! I’m so glad we have each other.

Is there anything else you would like to share about yourself?

My husband Dan and my son Jude took the men’s Yada class last spring and I have also seen how it has changed their lives. Dan has continued in a Triad and Jude has worked to teach other high school students how to study their Bible using Yada. Nothing warms a mom’s heart more than seeing her 17-year-old son sitting at the table with his Bible and journal open asking, “Lord, what do you want to say to me today?”

Julie Garner

God Works in the Wait

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I have found great comfort in knowing that God is with me always! When I stumble he upholds me. When I am overwhelmed he lifts me up. When I cry out to him he listens. No matter how hard things may be, I remain in the truth that God is with me, always! 

The Lord makes firm the steps of the one who delights in him; though he may stumble, he will not fall, for the Lord upholds him with his hand. 

Psalm 37:23-24 (NIV)

As I reflect on Psalm 37:23-24, I realize I have a part in this so that God is delighted in my ways and making my steps firm. I am reminded to keep God at the center and to pause and recognize all that is good in the midst of chaos. But the hard part of the stumble can be the period of time waiting for God to uphold me. 

The space between the stumble and being upheld may not always be immediate.

But I have come to know that God works in the wait!  And sometimes it’s the wait that can be important. Am I joyful for what I have or too fixed on what the future will look like?  Waiting can be so hard sometimes – it can be confusing, emotional and discouraging. But remaining in the truth that God will uphold me provides firm ground. 

I want to be joyful in the wait and notice all that is good every day. Pausing to notice nature, personal connections, and the peace that is available to me. I don’t want to “pass the time.” I want to be intentional, trusting God every step of the way, knowing he will always uphold me in ways that honor him. I am learning that the space in the wait can be so beautiful when I pause, pray, and trust God! 

How are you spending time in the wait?

I encourage you to notice the ways God is upholding you! 





Written by Christine Brevik, Executive Director

Am I Satisfied or Wandering?

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Am I a wee little part in God’s big story, or is he a wee little part in my story? There’s really no need to answer this verbally, for my life reveals the answer clearly to a watching world! “Oh, thou who has the hearts of all men in thine hand, form my heart according to the Word, according to the image of thy Son.” (The Valley of Vision, “Christ the Word”) Amen! 

Perhaps one of the worst of all lots in life is found in Ecclesiastes 6:3, one whose “soul is not satisfied with life’s good things. “ Verse 9 says, “Better is the sight of the eyes than the wandering of the appetite.” My translation? Be content with what you have and stop chasing after what you don’t have. Verse 12 asks, “For who knows what is good for man while he lives a few days of his vain life, which passes like a shadow?” The only conceivable answer? God!! And if he knows and we trust him, then won’t we lean in and be satisfied and stop wandering? The Israelites wandered for 40 years because they did not trust.

Am I trusting or too busy wandering? Will I embrace my little part in his big story and be satisfied? Or will I continue wandering, trying to squeeze a little bit of him into my story? I encourage you to ask yourself if you are satisfied or wandering too? How are you including God into your story?


Author: Jessica Davie is a YadaFactor coach and describes her first YadaFactor class as a needed breath of fresh Holy Spirit filled air. As a coach she is excited to see the transformation and growth of course participants and finds it incredibly fulfilling to be a part of another believer’s journey to finding deeper intimacy with God.

Why Summer Is The Time To Reorder Vertically

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Oh, the joys of summertime! We welcome longer days, sweet vacations, lazy pool days, and cookouts with friends and family. It’s a time when our schedules become less rigid, sleeping in becomes a thing again (well, at least for the kids!), and warm sunshine kisses our faces.  

 Summer’s less-structured time, unfortunately, often pairs with less time spent with the Lord. In the YadaFactor course, we discuss competing voices that clamor for our attention and distract us from hearing God. A competing voice is anything that interferes with us getting to the Bible each day. 

While summer has many glorious moments, we must fight to listen fiercely to the voice of God—intentionally and daily.


Jesus knew about distractions. In Mark 1:35-37, Jesus’ friends hunted until they found him, and they told him, “Everyone is looking for you!” Whew! That’s a lot of pressure. Everyone wanted something from Jesus, and they wanted it now.  

But where was Jesus?

Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed. Simon and his companions went to look for him, and when they found him, they exclaimed: “Everyone is looking for you!” Mark 1:35-37

Jesus could have filled his time with many good opportunities, but he knew what was most important. He rose early in the morning—so early it was still dark outside. He went somewhere quiet to be alone and talked to his Father. Jesus was so intimate with his Father that nothing could distract him from getting alone with him. He will go to the people and accomplish many wonderful things. But not first. First, he gets alone with his Father.

Jesus set a beautiful example for us.

The most influential voice in your life is the one you listen to first and most. 

  • Who do you listen to first thing in the morning?
  • Where do you go when you have a problem or feel overwhelmed?
  • Who or what directs your steps each day?
  • How do you decide what you will and will not do with your time?
  • Where do your thoughts dwell the longest?


Don’t let the carefree days of summer turn into fewer moments with God and his Word. Summer is the perfect time to reorder your life vertically.

No matter how seemingly good your sunny summer days may be, nothing is better or more important than getting close enough to Jesus that you sense the warmth of his love and hear what he is saying to you. That is the power of God at work in you.

Find a still moment to open your Bible and journal each day. Ask God, “What do you want to say to me today?” and listen. As your summer days progress, whether you have your toes in the sand, you’re sitting by a crystal-clear pool, or you’re simply performing mundane tasks, may it ALL point to God, and may you know (Yada) him deeper.

Desiring to learn more about listening to the Lord through the “Read It, Write It, Share It” process of YadaFactor? Visit our website and join our newsletter to be the first to know when our next session of free classes opens for registration.  


Written by Julie Garner, YadaFactor Coach

YadaFactor’s Generational Legacy

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A Mother’s Day Story

written by Lisa Tammaro, YadaFactor participant 

At least a decade ago, my mom passionately shared with me that she had joined a group of women whose sole purpose was to help other women experience and know God more intimately. Despite her enthusiasm, my marital turmoil ironically caused me to be circumspect. Consumed with worry, I simply couldn’t manage the stress of a commitment, and was reluctant to share with a triad group the tragedies that had fallen upon me and my children at the hands of my then husband who suddenly seemed a stranger to me. Always praying and patiently waiting for God’s perfect timing, Mom often mentioned the impact YadaFactor had on her life, and she occasionally would ask me to prayerfully consider joining. I justified that to decompress meant minimizing obligations, including YadaFactor; and furthermore, to rehash the past, even with God, seemed to be reliving the trauma. I just wanted to move forward with a “normal” life, while denying the impact of our experience. So, I opted to keep my relationship with God private.

As God would have it, new challenges surfaced. With perseverance, I pressed on, reaching out to God, but always keeping Him at arm’s length for fear of what He might bring next. Anxiety seized every fiber of my being. My emotions were at odds and waged war with my intellect over confidence in God’s love for me and faith in His goodness. All the while, Mom persisted in prayer, never giving up on me and, moreover, never giving up on God. Feeling defeated in life, and with nothing to lose, I agreed to take the Yada Factor Experience course. God’s providence was immediately evident. The women in our triad had been perfectly chosen, each of us with a history and disposition that complemented one another.

Journeying through the 7 week course together, we discovered new ways to approach our time with the Lord that opened our hearts and minds to hear Him speaking into the depths of our lives and situations. Most unique was the method taught on how to encourage and support one another to hear from God. When the 7 week course came to an end, our triad had formed a strong bond. We had all grown with one another in our relationship with the Lord and so opted to continue together on our own.

In the year and a half since our triad began, my relationship with God has deepened. While my circumstances have not changed significantly, I have. I come boldly before God, I wrestle with Him, I trust He still loves me in my moments of doubt, and I’m learning to trust God’s process even when it’s counterintuitive.

Accepting my faith ups and downs, I now appreciate my journey alongside God, instead of feeling guilt and shame, because I know He accepts me. In adherence to the Hebrew meaning of Yada, I am discovering what it is to know and be known by God. The blessing of my beautifully faithful, prayerful Mom has brought me into a deeper, richer relationship with my Lord and Savior through YadaFactor; and for that, I am truly eternally grateful.

Photo: Lisa and her mother Beverly

A Praying Mother

by Beverly Ristuccia, Lisa’s mother and YadaFactor Coach

I’ve been reflecting on my time coaching women in YadaFactor over the years and the impact that it’s had on my life and the lives of so many women. I’ve been a witness to the saving work of Christ in women who were so lost and suffering, I’ve seen women who found freedom from their burdening circumstances because they drew on Jesus’ strength and I’ve been an eyewitness to the sanctification, transformation, and personal spiritual growth of hundreds of women as a result of the YadaFactor ministry which teaches the disciplines and tools necessary to hear God speak into each of our lives through His written Word.

Over the years, I’ve shared with my children how YadaFactor has been life changing for me and how it’s extraordinarily deepened my personal relationship with my Savior. I’ve learned that I can’t live the Christian life on my own strength and that I need to abide day by day and remain in Christ in order to overcome life’s hardships and to bear fruit, John 15:5. YadaFactor has provided me with the tools to do just that through the hard won discipline of getting into God’s Word daily and seeking to hear His sweet soft voice speak to me as I begin my day by asking Him, “Lord, what do you have to say to me today?”

Not only does God show up for me and meet me in my need but He has transformed my life by drawing me into a deeper more intimate relationship with Him and by empowering me to obey and serve Him as I rely on His strength ( 2 Cor.12:9-10 ) to bear fruit and do the work he has foreordained for me to do ( Eph. 2:10 ).

Having seen what God has done in my life through this ministry, I desired with all of my heart to leave a legacy for my children. I began praying for my daughters to take the YadaFactor Experience course. I knew that my daughter Lisa was struggling with some major life issues and needed to hear from God to allay her fears and receive wisdom and guidance from Him. As her mother, nothing brought me more joy than when she accepted my encouragement and invitation to take the course.

Since that time, I’ve seen Lisa become intentional about her daily devotional time with the Lord. There are days when she will share her concerns with me but she knows that our conversation will inevitably end with my saying, “Well, pray about it and see what God has to say to you.” Although Lisa continues to face some challenges, I see her radiate the peace of God, which was once missing in her life, as she hears from God and trusts Him to lead her through these times of uncertainty.

I’m deeply grateful for YadaFactor, as I’ve experienced the joy and peace of seeing Lisa blessed through this ministry. Although Lisa, at times, is powerless against her circumstances and not knowing what she should do, YadaFactor has taught her first to seek God’s voice and to fix her eyes on Him for He is the only One who can calm the storm and lead her through the valley.

I am so thankful to Yada and the women who dutifully, fiercely and faithfully listened to the voice of God which resulted in a ministry that would impact and transform, not only my life and my daughters but the lives of so many women across the globe by asking one very simple question,

“What did God say to you today?”