Guiding you to confidently hear God
in a noisy world


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All courses meet remotely for 7 weeks. Each weekly session is 2 hours.
Courses are a mixture of instruction, modeling, and practice time. 


Winter 2024:  January 29 – March 14

Spring 2024: April 8 – May 23

Summer 2024: July 11 – August 22

Fall 2024: September 30 – November 14

Today, like never before, you have access to an array of Bible studies, workshops, sermons and conferences. But how are you discerning what God is saying personally regarding your current situations? Often, uncertainty and questions remain.

You desire to have time with God each day and grow deeper in your faith, and God wants that too. You want to apply what you hear on Sundays, but it seems before your feet hit the floor a thief comes and steals your well-intentioned plan for success. The thief comes in many forms – in your schedules, texts, Facebook, alarms, work, and the kids’ recital you forgot to put in your calendar.  World noise comes from all sides. Before you know it you fall into bed exhausted and anxious, wondering how things can be different. You are vaguely conscious of a deeper cry of your heart. It’s not even a prayer, but God hears it.

Is God speaking to you even now? We know this is true for many of you, because we know the battle. We walk it too and we want to help.

So what is missing? Guidance. We lack guidance to process all this wisdom personally, so we often miss God’s still small voice. When you begin to hear God with increased certainty He will sustain you and transform you.  He will unlock deep intimacy by His power and through His Word.

How can I get this guidance? We at YadaFactor are your guide, the guide you didn’t even know you needed! We will take you step by step through an 7-week on-line course called “The YadaFactor Experience.” Our certified Yada coaches will walk beside you to help you reach your life goals for spiritual and personal growth. You will have clear action steps for each day to experience God as never before.

Choose Your Course

All courses are live via Zoom and led by a certified Yada coach with a maximum of 7 participants. 

Please note that space is limited and requires a 7-week commitment to experience the full benefit of our course.

Times listed are Eastern Time.

  • Increase your daily time with God in the Bible.
  • Grow in confidence that you are hearing God’s voice.
  • Learn to live free, resting in God’s grace rather than human performance.
  • Find your firm identity in how God sees you versus what you see.
  • Live abundantly in God’s promises despite circumstances.
  • Find wisdom for each day.
  • Find a safe place to process hidden fears and questions without judgment.
  • Know God and His promises as you live them out.
  • Find hope and healing even while walking through difficult trials.
  • Experience the power of rebooting your soul as you share in a healthy Yada group weekly.
  • Create spiritual stability to endure life’s storms.
  • Find silence and green pastures despite hectic schedules.

The YadaFactor Experience

The YadaFactor Experience is a 7-week on-line course.

It includes member only content, group sessions with a certified Yada coach, participation in Yada triad groups, YadaFactor member forum, YadaFactor store discounts and a certificate of Yada Listener completion.

“Having a personal YadaFactor coach provided the structure I needed to pursue God, even when I did not feel equipped. My coach was able to guide and help me identify God’s voice in ways I would have otherwise missed. I have been practicing YadaFactor and meeting in a Yada group for over 7 years. I am now able to discern the voice of God regularly.”

DanaDirector of Women’s Ministry, Spanish River Church, Boca Raton, FL

As founders of YadaFactor, Cindy, Pegi & Debbie have worked with hundreds of women over the last 15 years, training them with the sacred tools God has allowed them to first understand and practice personally.  They have volunteered their time and resources out of their deep love for women.

Because the results have been so exponential in their lives and those they have coached, they can’t help but continue to share it with you. Cindy, now a Doctor of psychology practicing in Virginia, sees countless clients transition from tragic life experiences to peace and stability in Christ.

We personally practice Yada each week. Everything we teach in these sessions we have learned walking with Jesus using the very tools we are giving you. Each certified YadaFactor coach has been trained and qualified through experience, sharing, and learning with us.

Common Q & A’s

Can I hear God if I’m not a pastor or Bible scholar?

Yes, absolutely! The LORD through the Prophet Jeremiah in the OT and Jesus in the NT assures we can hear Him. In Jeremiah 33:3, the LORD says: “Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.” In John chapter 10, Jesus says His sheep hear His voice and follow Him. So if you know Jesus, you can hear Him.

I read the Bible and journal so I’m doing Yada, right?

We get this question a lot. The simple answer is no. While reading and writing are two spiritual disciplines that can result in good outcomes, the secret ingredient of YadaFactor is learning how to process verbally all you have read and written in a safe small community. When are you given the opportunity to verbalize life circumstances and Scripture together without interruption? Aha! truths happen exponentially as we begin to hear God clearly. Meeting in a committed triad with others who have been coached how to listen and respond in healthy ways adds rich fellowship and intimacy.

I’m so busy, why start something new?

Maybe you can’t afford not to start something new! It’s often said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. “The YadaFactor Experience” course will help you simplify your busy life by seeking God first to bring divine order to each day. Regularly practicing the tools of Yada will enable you filter out the noisy world while taking action on the still small voice of God for the change you have been longing for.

What makes YadaFactor different from other Bible studies?

YadaFactor is transforming the traditional question and answer Bible study seeker into a listener and self-initiating learner, whose primary teacher is Jesus. This discipleship model puts each student at the feet of the Father, passionately integrating the Word of God with daily events. YadaFactor does not teach you the Word, but gives you a process that gets you to the Bible, so God can teach, lead, convict, encourage and make you a disciple just as Jesus made the 12 followers. Walking with a coach to model Yada for 7 weeks with other participants will change your life forever!

Why do I need YadaFactor?

YadaFactor is a proven pathway to go deeper with God.  As believers, we have access to an array of Bible studies, workshops, sermons and conferences, but we lack guidance to process this wisdom personally.  Often we miss God’s still small voice.  We have discovered it’s in hearing His voice confidently that we are sustained and transformed.  It’s here God unlocks deep intimacy.  YadaFactor provides the guidance you have been longing for to grow and go deeper with God.

Here’s a story… another reason you might consider YadaFactor

Have you ever shared something a bit personal in a Bible study group and after you risked speaking you were met with an uncomfortable silence? Did you vow never to share like that again, wondering, “Did I say too much? Are they judging me?” We have felt that kind of shame too. That’s why YadaFactor will help you build guardrails to identify and create safety as you share together in your Yada group. Healthy, intimate, three-person communities with quality feedback bring the healing and courage you need for your journey.  Sharing without fear of others’ opinions and judgments allows God to teach and move in dynamic ways. We all need more of this kind of sharing.

How much does the online course cost?

Tuition is $149 for the semester. But here’s the good news – through generous donors we are offering this course at NO cost until further notice! Please support this effort to get more people reconnected to God through the Bible by donating $149 (or any amount). Your help will sustain the work of this ministry. Thank you so much.

While the course remains FREE for now, can I still donate to help support the ministry?

Absolutely! If your expectations have been met or exceeded in experiencing YadaFactor, please consider a one time or monthly gift. Without support from those who benefit from this online 7-week experience, we can’t continue.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration.

The YadaFactor Experience 7-week on-line course includes:

  • Limited class size
  • Personal access to Yada coaches
  • Practice in Yada triad groups
  • Member only content
  • Certificate of YadaFactor Experience completion
  • Access to private Facebook group

We will take you step-by-step through a 7-week on-line course called the “The YadaFactor Experience.” Our certified Yada coaches will walk beside you to help you reach your life goals for spiritual and personal growth. You will have clear action steps for each day to experience God as never before.

Tuition for the course:


We depend on your contributions to sustain the work of this ministry.

YadaFactor Experience

YadaFactor will give you a powerful plan to embrace personal responsibility. God asks all of us to seek Him. We believe we can provide exceptional satisfaction as you move forward with this course.

If you will seek God with your whole heart through this process, God will deliver because he promises that those who seek Him will find Him (Matthew 7:7-8). We can know this with certainty and believe it.  This is our part. (John 6:29, 45) If you don’t have certainty of His faithfulness, this is where we will begin once you register. You will learn to stand firm in faith when there is no visible evidence by sight.

Participating with YadaFactor doesn’t mean all your circumstances will change or you will get what you think you desire for your life. God has a much better plan for us than we could ever map out for ourselves. (Ephesians 2:10) Our work is to learn to trust Him and take Him at His word above all we see and feel.

Our circumstances don’t often change in a day, but YadaFactor will help you reframe your responses and attitudes toward daily life experiences.  We are confident you will love what you experience with God as we guide you through the YadaFactor process.

Thank you for considering YadaFactor