A few recent testimonies…

“I had never journaled and had successfully avoided Bible studies for the past 25 years. My wife nagged me for 2 years to do YadaFactor. It was a life changing experience. Be courageous and vulnerable – do YadaFactor and you will be challenged and changed by the Holy Spirit!”

“Yada helped me be more intentional about really processing what I am reading instead of reading for the sake of reading.”

“I have seen the changes in my mindset from the start to the end of Yada. It allows me to see God’s hand moving, and how close He has been.”

“Doing life around God’s Word was just so encouraging to me. There was something special and different about YadaFactor and the way the course materials are designed. This course has renewed my desire to stay in God’s Word and journal what He is personally saying to me each day. Very Powerful!”

“Before my Yada Factor Experience course, I struggled to hear from God. Since taking the course, I realized how much I was missing out on the fullness of God in my life. Instead of analyzing and ruminating over life’s big decisions,  I learned to listen for God’s leading through the written word.  As a result, I am beginning to find God’s peace in the midst of trials and my passion for God has been rekindled.”

“Joining the YadaFactor Experience was a huge blessing! Initially, I was a bit skeptical as I didn’t know what to expect of the methodology. But once in it, the group was so supportive, inspiring and encouraging that I saw myself really looking forward to our weekly meetings. I highly recommend the YadaFactor Experience to everyone, as it will definitely draw you closer to our Savior.”

“I loved the Yada course, it is truly amazing to see how much closer my relationship with God has become. I am forever grateful!”