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God's voice in everyday life

What is Yada?

Yada is a Hebrew word that means “to know.”  YadaFactor is “to know and be known intimately by God and others.”

YadaFactor will help you go deeper with God. With training and practice you will read the Bible more often, integrate what you read into real-life circumstances, and share weekly in a safe community of three to thrive, not just survive. The greatest outcome of your efforts will be a deep awareness that God Himself is present and speaking to you. YadaFactor simplifies each day by asking one question:  What did God say to you today?

YadaFactor is like enjoying a cup of coffee with your favorite people, tasting all the glory of God with extra sugar. We share our lives with safe people while practicing hearing God with each sip.

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Yada Stories

AshuStudent from Nepal

“Yada has become such an important part of my day that the other girls in my school dormitory began to notice and then asked me to teach them. Now others are doing it too and we share our journals together. Thank you to YadaFactor.”

Thir KoiralaNational Coordinator, Micah Nepal

“I use to read Bible regularly before knowing about YadaFactor, but when I started to Read and Write daily with the S.O.A.P. method, I found my understanding completely different than before. Especially Yada helps me to reflect on God’s Word and hear His voice. Not only study and reflect, but I have gained a powerful tool to apply what I have learned from Scripture.”

Beverly Ristuccia

“Through Yada I’ve learned how to hear and experience God’s voice, his divine word spoken into the pages of my life. Yada is like stepping onto holy ground, it’s the sacred place where God’s voice is heard. ”

Jerry Hablitzel Senior Chaplain, Relational Harmony

“My wife dragged me to a meeting and I was so inspired, I started to journal in the Yada way. I had the opportunity to experience the power of community in a coaching session with my wife. God had been speaking to me daily, but it really sank in as I read it aloud. It created a moment when the truth the Holy Spirit had been speaking finally sank to the heart-level. ”

Heidi FloydPastor's Wife

“I did Bible studies....many, in fact. But they were all crafted by others about God. Not by God for me, and that was painfully obvious. Through Yada, the pages of my Bible came alive. I saw that those words from the Lord were meant for me TODAY, in the context of this world, in the present time, with my immediate life concerns. ”

Sarah RueggManna Consulting

“Yada provided me with the structure and the tools to enable me to have a deep and abiding relationship the Bible talks about. My devotional time was transported beyond the fill in the blank Bible Study to deeply communing with and feeling the very presence of God.”


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We invite you to join us by taking the YadaFactor New Year Challenge. It's an opportunity to see God's panoramic view of your story in His-story! We've provided a free download below…