Connecting To God’s Plans For His Future

By December 11, 2023Blogroll

Connecting To God’s Plans For His Future

In the tapestry of life, unexpected threads weave themselves into narratives of resilience, faith, and transformation. Jude Garner’s journey is a story of survival, purpose, and the profound impact of YadaFactor.

At the age of 16, Jude became the youngest participant to take the YadaFactor class. He had seen the powerful effect YadaFactor had on his mom’s life and wanted to experience listening to the Lord in the same way. He signed up with his dad and a few other adult friends for the only men’s class offered in 2023.

Life’s Unexpected Turn

Little did he know, his life would take a dramatic turn. Halfway through the YadaFactor course, Jude had a serious skateboarding accident. What started as a leisurely skate ride along a familiar walking trail became a nightmare. Just as Jude picked up top speed going downhill, his wheels hit an obstacle in the pavement, and he went airborne. He landed on the ground, initially unconscious.

Jude was rushed to the emergency room, where he was put under heavy sedation. In the midst of his deliriousness, Jude engaged in conversations with the men from his Yada class, who weren’t really there. He was checking to see how they were doing and telling them about his future plans to serve God with his life. Even during his own crisis, Jude asked the nurses in his hospital room if they knew Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.

Jude’s YadaFactor men may not have actually been in the room with him, but they were praying for him that night. 

A Scar as a Testament

Miraculously, Jude emerged from the accident with only a broken wrist and some bumps and bruises. The incision on his wrist never healed properly and left an unsightly scar. That scar serves as a tangible reminder of the day the Lord spared his life. Now, when people inquire about it, Jude uses it as an opportunity to share his testimony and the transformative power of faith.

Why Jude Loves YadaFactor

YadaFactor taught Jude how to have a deep, intimate connection with God. Through the course, he started to dive into his Bible daily and integrate what he reads into his daily life. He developed a heightened awareness of God’s presence and direct communication through His Word. 

Jude is a worship leader with a heart devoted to God. As a high school senior and the worship team leader for his church’s large student ministry, he often speaks spontaneously from the stage. He relies on the Holy Spirit’s guidance and understands the importance of knowing God’s Word and speaking it truthfully.

Since completing the YadaFactor class, Jude has taken the initiative to share his experience with others. His Yada journal has inspired his generation to listen to God’s voice and apply what He says to their lives.

A Future Defined by Faith

As Jude looks toward the future, he prepares for a unique adventure. Next year, he plans to attend Montana Wilderness School of the Bible, combining the intense study of God’s Word with wilderness exploration. Jude’s heart is open to God’s leading, and he aspires to become a vocational worship leader and further study Bible and Theology beyond his gap year program.

Gratitude to Generous Donors

Jude’s story is a testament to the power of hearing from God daily.  The YadaFactor course that Jude took was made possible by generous donors who support YadaFactor. We want to train more coaches and offer more classes in the coming year.  We are praying for more male coaches to offer the men’s course more frequently.  

Jude’s story is just one chapter in the larger narrative of YadaFactor, where the echoes of gratitude resound, and the power of intimately connecting with God transforms lives. Thank you for participating in this incredible journey as you support YadaFactor through your prayers and generous gifts. 


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