Thank You For Connecting With YadaFactor

By December 4, 2023Blogroll

“2023 has been an amazing year, and we just want to say—Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

Rick Ouimet is YadaFactor’s Board Chair, a licensed pastor, and pastoral counselor. He has a sincere message for everyone who has been connected to YadaFactor this year. Whether you have prayed, donated, volunteered, or simply participated, we are grateful for your part in YadaFactor.

It’s Because Of You

Reflecting on this incredible year of YadaFactor, we are grateful for the remarkable community surrounding and supporting our ministry. We extend our heartfelt thanks to all the generous donors, volunteers, and prayer warriors who have played a crucial role in helping people hear God’s voice in their everyday lives through the Read It/Write It/Share It method.

Your connection with YadaFactor goes beyond your contributions; it is a testament to your deep commitment to inspiring others to read the Bible more often, integrate what they’ve read into real-life circumstances, and share weekly in their safe community of three to thrive, not just survive. 

Your generosity has fueled our initiatives and become the driving force behind the impact of our online classes.

Here’s Why We’re So Grateful

You’re Empowering Others

At YadaFactor, we believe in the power of connecting others to the Lord and each other. Your participation has empowered individuals to know God is present and speaking to them. 

Their lives changed by asking one question:  “What do you want to say to me today, God?” and then listening through God’s Word. 

You’re Making A Transformative Impact

Because of your support, we can continue to offer our 7-week classes online for free. 

The classes provide intimate fellowship based entirely on God’s Word for people whose life circumstances and relationships often initially overshadow the joy and freedom promised in Christ. All that changes as they learn it’s possible to

Hear God personally through reading, writing, and sharing scripture.

When someone begins to hear God with increased certainty, they are transformed. The Lord unlocks deep intimacy by His power and through His Word.

You’re Building a Community

YadaFactor is not just a ministry or classes; it’s a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for hearing from the Lord. One participant said, “The group was so supportive, inspiring, and encouraging that I found myself really looking forward to our weekly meetings.”

Many YadaFactor participants become life-long friends as they listen fiercely to God and one another.


Gratitude in Action

As we express our gratitude, we want to assure you that nothing is wasted. Every dollar you’ve contributed, every prayer you’ve prayed, and every hour you’ve volunteered has allowed us to dream bigger, reach farther, and impact more lives. 

YadaFactor is not just a ministry; it’s a movement, and you are an integral part of it. THANK YOU!

Looking Forward

With your continued support, we are excited about the future and its opportunities. Together, we can continue to help more people experience God in new and fresh ways. We are currently updating our course to be more robust and effective in the coming year. We want to train more coaches and offer more opportunities for both women and men to experience YadaFactor. 

Can we count on you for your prayer support as we move into the new year? Also, for YadaFactor to continue, we are totally dependent on the Lord to provide donors with unwavering generosity. He has never failed us, and He won’t now. We believe 2024 will be the biggest year YadaFactor has ever had—thanks to people like you and our sovereign, gracious Lord and King.

Help People Connect To God And Each Other

YadaFactor runs on the donations of generous people like you who believe in the importance of hearing the voice of God and growing in our connection to His Word and each other. To continue offering this online course for free, we need financial partners to help us reach more people worldwide. Gifts of all sizes are valuable, and we make monthly donations easy.


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