Coaches Spotlight: Laurie Connors

By July 14, 2022Blogroll

What drew you to YadaFactor?

I became friends with Pegi through Bible Study Fellowship over 20 years ago. Early on, we met together to discuss Christian books. She spoke about how her mom mentored many people for years following 12 step guidelines. Pegi recognized how Christian women could benefit from conversation guidelines and connected it with God’s Word (the original “Big Book”!)

What do you like about coaching?

Coaching keeps me grounded. In these turbulent times I have something steady that I can look forward to. God blesses me through staying connected to Him. Giving back to Him by serving through YadaFactor is truly for my benefit!

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I like to drive so I take trips to meet with family or friends monthly if I can. I also like to see an Opera in the movie theater… who knew I would love Opera!

What one word would you use to describe YadaFactor?


Why would you suggest YadaFactor to friends and family?

For the chance to develop a relationship with the God of the Universe!

Is there something special you’d like to share with other coaches in the YadaFactor community?

I am thankful for how God weaves together relationships with my sisters in Christ that endure, even when we don’t see or talk to each other often. After all these years of living the Gospel, how is it possible that I still find it difficult to share it with others? I take some comfort in knowing actions speak louder than words. I walk forward in expectant hope that Jesus is perfecting this in me, one minute at a time.