What Did God Say To You Today?

By June 29, 2022Blogroll

I always marvel at the feedback we receive at the end of each course. This time was no exception as our Spring courses concluded the week of June 13th. Hearing from our YadaFactor Experience (YFE) course participants always brings a smile to my face as I marvel at how God continues to bless us all. Below are some of the most recent comments we have received from course graduates.

  • “Before my Yada Factor Experience course, I struggled to hear from God.  Since taking the course, I realized how much I was missing out on the fullness of God in my life. Instead of analyzing and ruminating over life’s big decisions, I learned to listen for God’s leading through the written word.  As a result, I am beginning to find God’s peace in the midst of trials and my passion for God has been rekindled.”
  • “I realize now that I’ve been dependent on devotionals and now, I’m encouraged to begin anew with a new perspective and new tools.”
  • “The fact that the course was 7 weeks long helped get me into a great routine and helped me with accountability to hold me to a daily quiet time.”
  • “This experience has enhanced my desire to continue to “grow” my time with HIM instead of allowing it to sink from “first place”.”
  • “I am more focused and intentional about spending time with God.”

A big welcome to our newest YFE graduates to the YadaFactor member community! We are excited that you have joined us as we continue to read, write and share while asking “What did God say to you today?”

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Christine Brevik, Chief Operating Officer