The Wonder of Reflection

By January 22, 2022Debbie Csutoros

Reflection can be described as an act; like a mirror that returns an image.  It can also be defined as “fixing thoughts on something with careful consideration.”

For me, intentionality and courage are required to look back and reflect on my thoughts and behaviors. Often, I’d rather run away and not deal with them.  However, I have discovered that making time for purposeful reflection can bring wonder to each day.

The story of Joseph found in Genesis is a wonderful example. Joseph’s journey didn’t start off so great. He was thrown into a pit then sold into slavery by his brothers, who hated him. He was falsely accused of a felony that would’ve brought shame to most. As he remained in prison, he was passed over by those he had blessed. I think Joseph must have practiced the behavior of reflection, because no matter what happened, he stayed focused vertically on God and his promises. It paid off for Joseph and for many who went before him and after him. I believe Joseph must have just been determined to believe God.  He had a dream, and he knew it was given to him by God. And he knew God was with him, no matter what.

David Kolb’s experiential learning theory is a powerful model to help us understand the wonder that reflection can bring from the things we experience in life, whether joyous or painful. Allow me to paraphrase the big thought around this theory. If we don’t take time for reflection, we simply move from one experience to another without learning from those experiences. Here’s a simplistic diagram of his theory.

I believe YadaFactor is a tool that God is using to transform us through these four steps as we take time to reflect on His Word, write something down, then re-read it in our small triad groups. As I reflect on my life while reading scripture, writing enables me to think about life and truth together. Then I can act on this truth by obeying God and my behaviors change. For example, when a lie is exposed, my ability to stand on truth increases, helping me to take a step of action based on that truth.  As I move into more faith to believe God’s truth despite my circumstances, I begin to experience God in new ways every day, and the cycle continues.

By taking time to reflect, you will discover the wonder of God’s love for you and become more of the person He created you to be.