Member Spotlight: Cassie Conley

By November 18, 2021Blogroll

Working in ministry, or any non-profit setting, is not for the faint of heart. And when you combine the two, oh boy! It’s so rewarding but takes many hands. I’ve been working in Christian radio for the last three and a half years planning events, running social media, and co-hosting an afternoon show. It’s a fast-paced environment where I’m thankful to use my passions and skills for the Kingdom. Growing up in the world of social media has been a blessing in my career path. When I learned that I could use these passions to help expand a ministry that has grown so dear to me, it was a very easy decision! I’m excited to play a small part in helping the social world learn about YADA.

It wasn’t until I met Cindy, almost three years ago, that I first discovered YADA. I was intrigued because of the way Cindy lived her life and I knew she had something that my heart needed. She talked about Jesus like He was someone she’s had coffee with everyday for the last 40 years. I had never experienced Him like that but I wanted to in the most desperate way. Five years ago, I wrote these words on the first page of my brand new journal: “My only desire in life is to walk in accordance with Christ…to embrace a life of freedom that He has set apart for me. I can do this because I am His. I am chosen.” That became my mission statement as I began to journey through one of the darkest seasons in my life. It sounded great at the time but, realistically, I had no idea how to walk in accordance with Christ or embrace a life of freedom. I’ve been in my own Yada group for over a year now and I’ve been blown away by the way Jesus has spoken to me. In this past year, I’ve laughed with Jesus and cried with Jesus all in the pages of my journal. I’ve seen what YADA has done in my own life and I’ll do whatever I can to help others who need to hear from God too.

Cassie loves spending time with her adorable niece, Evie.

Cassie has recently joined us as an amazing volunteer helping with our social media marketing plan!