Mary’s Time Management

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Let’s face it; we are all running short on time these days. Our schedules are packed and frankly don’t have time to spend with God, right? We want to, but how is that possible with all life’s demands? We say to ourselves, “It’s ok if I didn’t get there today. I mean, I am saved and I have all eternity to spend with God, right? He loves me just the same and He allows me to live in grace, right?” While all these statements might be true, how does not setting aside time with God affect my day?

Let this story motivate you.

One day Jesus went to visit two women, Mary and Martha. Martha was busy cleaning, as any good hostess would be. And Mary? Well, she was sitting at the feet of Jesus. Wasting time? Doing the lesser work? Nope, not according to Jesus. She had chosen what was better. We don’t know what else Mary got done that day or how God expanded her time. But we know Jesus personally affirmed her.
How much better might your day go if you heard God affirm you? How much more might you get done? Who really cares? If you were affirmed by God today and documented how He spoke to you in your circumstances, you experienced God and have something valuable to share with the world! How long does it really take to read a few verses of Scripture and jot down a note each day? Five minutes, maybe ten? What is the return on that investment of time?

Oh yeah! That is the Yada experience. If you get a glimpse of God’s perspective, how might that change your “to do” list? Apply Mary’s time management system today. It is a decision of faith, one day at a time, believing that every little bit of time we spend with God makes a big difference. Sometimes it will seem unreasonable with your tasks ahead, like there’s not enough time. None of Mary’s “to do” lists were documented, but the time she spent with Jesus was.

Don’t skimp on Jesus today; sit at His feet and get His perspective. He will affirm you too! Or maybe He just did. Print it, paste it, and share it at your next Yada.

Debbie Csutoros

Debbie Csutoros

Yada Factor Founder Executive Director