So many of us spent this past weekend reflecting on the difficult journey of Jesus and the miracle that followed. A lot happened in 3 days. Friday was devastating, Saturday there was silence, and Sunday brought the miracle of the resurrection. Peter marveled at the empty tomb wondering what had happened. Marvel is defined as being filled with wonder or astonishment. It is easy for us to marvel at the miracle on Sunday.

As I spent my quiet time this past week reflecting, I was drawn to the post resurrection story of the Walk to Emmaus. Two men are on their way to Emmaus and talking about everything that had happened. Now this doesn’t seem unusual as I am sure many people were buzzing about what had happened. What I am struck by in this story is how in Luke 24:15 Jesus just casually shows up and engages in conversation with the men.  Jesus is unrecognizable to them at first and they are just having a conversation about the events of the prior week with, of all people, Jesus! He shows up when the men are lost, hopeless, and overwhelmed and he provides insight, hope and peace. I marvel at the subtlety of Jesus’s presence with ordinary men walking on that path. He just shows up when the men least expect it and turns the conversation around.

This weekend I was moved by a story told by my pastor about the Atacama Desert in Chile, known as the driest place on Earth. This area is harsh and barren. The fascinating thing about the Atacama Desert is that hidden underneath the dry and cracked soil there are over 200 varieties of flowers. Every few years the desert gets a years’ worth of rain in one day resulting in the magnificent miracle of the desert bloom. In a place that is dry and hopeless, rain provides incredible beauty. Just as my days sometimes seem dry and hopeless, God provides hope and beauty.

I marvel at how patient God is with me even when I am in the desert and can’t see the flowers that are coming. Just as Jesus showed up on that walk to Emmaus, God is always by my side showing up! The miracle of Easter reminds me to re-order things that might seem out of control and marvel at God’s faithfulness to walk alongside me no matter what! During dry seasons, like in the Atacama Desert, we must remain faithful to see the blooming flowers that are coming. Just as we reflect about the heaviness of Good Friday, we are hopeful of what is to come on Sunday, and we marvel at the miracle of the resurrection.

How are you noticing where God is showing up in your life? Sometimes, it’s when we least expect it – like flowers blooming in a dry and barren desert or Jesus walking the path to Emmaus with two ordinary men sharing the good news! I pray that as you spend time with God, you are able to marvel at the moments where God is walking right beside you, speaking to you, providing comfort, and performing miracles!


Written by Christine Brevik, Chief Operating Officer