A Leaky Boat

By August 18, 2021Blogroll

Have you had a restful summer? 

I have, but only because a friend told me that she pictured me in a leaky boat, my body in contortions, using all my fingers and toes to plug the holes.  Can you relate?  That distressing image spurred me to ask for help, to pause, and to rest.

Then, while journaling, I saw how Jesus was in the boat with me, patiently waiting for me to rest in His presence.  What a gift!

A friend introduced me to YadaFactor four years ago.  Frankly, I was dubious about the premise that God would speak to me in such a personal, obvious way.  I was a committed Christian who loved God, but now I see that I was more focused on having the Bible inform me than transform me.  When my Bible study ended, I cautiously decided to give YadaFactor a try…one of the best decisions of my life!

In fact, I love YadaFactor so much that I now work in the office as an administrative assistant.  I want to do everything I can to make The YadaFactor Experience an excellent course to help others hear God for themselves, to have this deep intimacy with Him that is so powerfully transforming.

Early this summer I was drawn to Psalm 27.  On top of life’s usual challenges, my Mom had just passed away and family relationships were strained to the breaking point.  But verse 4 reminded me that God is the One thing I need.  Knowing Him (Ya-dah) is the only true rest for my soul.  Everything else faded away.  It has become my summer psalm.


One thing I ask from the Lord,

    this only do I seek:

that I may dwell in the house of the Lord

    all the days of my life,

to gaze on the beauty of the Lord

    and to seek him in his temple.


Another Yada friend told me she has been beholding the Lord in her quiet time, just being still, enjoying His presence.  I resolved to do the same – less talking, more gazing – and now I know an even deeper level of resting in Him.

Just this past weekend my husband and I found a lovely home for sale up north near family.  After praying and crunching numbers, we submitted an offer.  While waiting for a response, I realized that I was OK with whatever the answer would be, resting in His plan, experiencing His peace.  Again, what a gift – maybe even bigger than the house!

Summer is almost over, and I’ve learned a lot, but I must confess that my boat is still leaking a little.  Life can be hard!  But now I’m quick to remember that Jesus is in the boat with me.  Gazing at His beautiful face and resting in His truth is making all the difference.  YadaFactor has helped me not only to hear Him, but even to see Him, and to rest in Him.

I’m so grateful.


Ann Hollensen is one of our amazing volunteers! She works behind the scenes providing administrative support. 
Debbie Csutoros

Debbie Csutoros

Yada Factor Founder Executive Director