Sunday, March 13th – 6:15 – 7:27 pm, on my porch

Bill is my stepfather. I wanted so much more than what we had, yet he was always there for my mother, by her side for close to 50 years.  He is Daddy Bill to me, and I believe God allowed him to discover wonder in the later years of his life.

A recent sermon by Al Barth at Spanish River Church helped me experience God’s wonder. In Matthew 4:17, Jesus began to introduce the kingdom of God, saying, “the kingdom of heaven is near.” As Pastor Barth explained the limits of the kingdom of this world, he reminded us that God continues to break through this world so we can know him. I loved how he called God the God of the cosmos. He explained that we have two worlds at work: the kingdom of God and the kingdom of this world. It was so clear as he spoke this message.  I saw the wonder of God in those few moments like never before as he simplified these two worlds.  He said, “But God throughout history continues to reach into our reality, into human existence, interfering with us because he loves us.”

Throughout history God has continued to break through the kingdom of this world, like when he spoke to Noah, telling him to build an ark, and when he told Abraham to leave his country. As Pastor Barth gave examples of how God has broken through the cosmos, it was as if I could see a crack in the heavens, with a flash of how God has broken through my own life to direct my path.

The Bible tells story after story of how God was present in many life journeys. The loss and pain of evil perpetrated in the kingdom of this world is not foreign to God. He continues breaking through the cosmos with ears to hear the struggles that come with life.

The ultimate Wonder broke through the cosmos when Jesus Christ entered this broken world as a baby. Now, through him and the Holy Spirit’s power, anyone who will cry out to him can receive the strength to keep going, trusting Jesus, the only one raised from the dead, with astonishing wonder! He has broken through this worldly kingdom with his life to show us the Father’s Kingdom and a love this world can barely grasp. So, cry out, look up, reach out for God and he will show you his wonder. Then live a life that speaks of God’s wonder and share it.

Bill was such a tall strong man, yet death is consuming him as I write this blog. Death will come to me and to those who come after me until the kingdom of this world is finished, and the kingdom of God reigns forever

I received a call at 7:27. Bill passed away at 7:23 as I was writing this story. Thank you, Jesus, for your wonder. I know Bill is with you now and he’s laughing with joy at the wonder of you.


Written by Debbie Csutoros,

Co-Founder & Executive Director