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“Yada is the sort of experience that should be provided to everyone in Nepal.”

God’s plans are beyond our comprehension. YadaFactor founder Pegi Richardson had an unexpected connection with a young girl named Asmita from Nepal.

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the LORD.” -Isaiah 55:8

While on a mission trip, Pegi visited an Awana club in the slums of Kathmandu, Nepal, where she met 11-year-old Asmita. Their connection was heartwarming as they communicated despite their language barriers.

Pegi felt a strong sense of responsibility for Asmita that she couldn’t ignore. She contacted a Nepali pastor to ask how she could help her. In his response, he cautiously and respectfully asked, “Why Asmita? There are hundreds and hundreds
of kids in the Kathmandu slums.”

Pegi responded with a simple truth, “Because God won’t let me forget her.”

Today, Asmita is a thriving 22-year-old woman who has been saved in more ways than one.

Connecting One Young Girl to the Voice Of God

Asmita began her YadaFactor journey at the young age of 13. Pegi, who has assumed the role of Asmita’s mother, led her to the Lord and taught her to hear God’s voice in her everyday life through Yada’s “Read It, Write It, Share It” method. With training and practice, she read the Bible, learned how to integrate what she read into her real-life circumstances, and shared her journal weekly with her mom.

Before discovering Yada, Asmita faced a world where sharing her thoughts and experiences was often challenging. In Nepal, as in many other places, societal norms* restrict open communication about personal struggles. Asmita’s journey with Yada, however, changed this. It allowed her to share her life, her joys, her pains, and her trust in God, first with her mother and then with another Yada sister in Nepal. Now, Asmita is also a YadaFactor coach helping share Yada with other Nepali women.

For nearly a decade, Yada has helped Asmita discover what God is saying to her through His word.

But Asmita’s Story Doesn’t Stop There

Asmita recognizes the potential for Yada to bring about positive change in her community. She believes everyone in Nepal should have access to this transformative ministry.

In a society where many women, particularly from the older generations, face challenges with education and English proficiency, there is a need to translate Yada into Nepali. Doing so would allow countless women to enjoy the same benefits and opportunities that Asmita and her friends have gained.

Making A Difference In The World Through Connecting

The heart of Yada lies in its ability to connect people and God through listening, writing, sharing, and supporting one another through prayer. Like Yada participants here in the United States, Asmita found her Yada Sister. They meet regularly to share their journals and their deep awareness that God Himself is present and speaking to them. This kind of connection to God and one another is something that is often missing in traditional cultures across the globe.

Imagine the difference it would make if more people worldwide could experience YadaFactor.

Asmita recognizes the broader need for this type of support in Nepal, especially among women who may have been denied education or remain limited by language barriers. YadaFactor is a lifeline for many, and Asmita is eager to give back and support our ministry through her prayers and whatever other means possible.

Asmita’s Appeal to You

In her moving video message, Asmita appeals to those who have already experienced the transformative power of Yada to support YadaFactor and ensure that more people know Jesus every day and understand what God wants to say in their lives.

Her story is a testament to the change that Yada can bring to individuals and communities.

Asmita’s journey with Yada is a reminder that, in a diverse world, the voice of the Lord should be accessible to everyone, regardless of language barriers or cultural differences.

Let her story inspire you to consider what God can do through Yada that exceeds our wildest dreams.

Let’s Share Yada Around the World

The impact of the free online YadaFactor course has already been felt in our local communities and in several other countries around the world.

And God’s not done!

YadaFactor runs on the donations of generous people like you who believe in the importance of hearing the voice of God and growing in our connection to His Word and each other. To continue offering this online course for free, we need financial partners to help us reach more people worldwide.

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*Wikipedia states that less than 2% (1.76%) of the population in Nepal are Christian. In this antichrist society, it makes it 10 times harder for people to trust each other and share their personal lives. Some Christians who have shared their testimony of Christ have been sent to jail for trying to convert others. Yada provides a safe way to for Christians in Nepal and other countries to connect more deeply with God and each other.Gifts of all sizes are valuable, and we make monthly donations easy.