Coaches Spotlight: Susie Colahan

By February 10, 2023Blogroll

What drew you to YadaFactor?

My friend Christine introduced another friend and I to YadaFactor after we had been attending a Bible Study in her home for a long time. We both took the Yada class together, with Christine serving as our assistant coach. After the class, the three of us formed a triad, and have now been together for several years. During the summers we meet weekly on Zoom; winters we are all in Florida and are able to meet for breakfast once a week to share what God is telling each of us.  It has been a wonderful time of growing in intimacy with God and with one another.

What do you like about coaching?

My next step was to begin serving as an assistant coach for YadaFactor.  As a retired elementary school teacher, I remember the joy of seeing a child’s face light up when they finally “got it.” Now I experience an even greater joy of seeing YadaFactor participants light up and reflect Jesus as they discover the intimacy of hearing from Him daily!  I am humbled and thankful for whatever small part I may have contributed to their growth.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

In retirement I am enjoying spending more time with my husband of 55 years, as well as more quality time with our large family (5 married children, 13 grandchildren, 3 greats!). As for hobbies, I am a quilter and my husband is a woodworker, so we both love making special gifts for family and friends.

What one word would you use to describe YadaFactor?

The one word I would use to describe YadaFactor is “Change.”  Due to physical limitations, I was feeling guilty about the ministries I used to be involved in that I can no longer do.  But God has called me into a new season and new ways to serve; He has shown me that in spite of my weakness, I can be used mightily!  He frequently gives me motivation and strength to prepare meals for someone in need.  He has called me to pray as I make a memory quilt for someone who is grieving. And most importantly, He has called me to coach, to share the wonderful gift of YadaFactor with other women.  He’s taught me to accept where I am in life and to know that He can still use me.

Why would you suggest YadaFactor to friends and family?

I title all of my journal entries, and as I come to the last pages of a journal, I list all of the entries on the last few pages. Recently I listed 96 entries in the last journal I completed. As I listed them, many sparked something that made me go back and read over quite a few entries. As I read them, I was stunned to realize how much I’ve grown and changed over the past 96 days! I’m so grateful for YadaFactor, and for the habit of journaling. When I’m feeling low, I need only to read over my journal to be reminded of all God is doing in my life. He is always with me and He is always revealing more of Himself to me. I am humbled and grateful.

Is there something special you’d like to share with other coaches in the YadaFactor community?

If you think life is good and you’re happy, YadaFactor will take you to new levels you can’t imagine!  To hear the voice of God, and know that you’re in His will, is really possible!

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