Coaches Spotlight: Kerry Barrett

By May 31, 2022Blogroll

Repenting from a season of sin, God rescued me and drew me close through YadaFactor.  After an initial summer meeting at Debbie’s house, the Lord made it clear to me what a “Quiet Time” relationship truly looked like using the soap method and journaling.  Thankfully the scriptures spoke healing to me and continue to speak to me each and every day in an intimate way.  I am grateful for YadaFactor sisters and my triad for having such patience with me as I did not think I could actually journal. Discerning God’s voice through the Bible is certainly the key to my new favorite word which is Obedience.

Obedience for me looks like starting each morning with my Bible and journal and my listening ears.  I find such excitement hearing my marching orders for the day and then I check back in with myself later in the day and see how I am doing.  More often than not, I have to pray for mental adjustments that line back up with my morning message.  I have heard God say for the past 30 years “Meet with Me Daily” and I can finally be obedient to that direct request and enjoy full relationship with our heavenly Father.

Notably, I have relished my time as an Assistant Coach in YadaFactor because of the exceptional coaches I have been mentored by.  What a gift! I have such a grateful heart to connect with my sisters and Brothers by building others up and witnessing their relationship with GOD improve and that is the very best motivator in my mind to continue sharing YadaFactor with others. Actually, witnessing an acquaintance enrolled in YadaFactor accept Christ as their one true God was certainly a highlight last semester.

The Lord blesses me in very personal ways that I can recognize. For instance, there are actual cherries on my cherry trees in North Carolina this year that we planted 3 years ago. He blesses me with good health when I care for my sister that certainly doesn’t enjoy good health. He brings me great joy with my adorable pets and the best blessing of all is walking in Obedience to our precious Savior.