This summer, my husband Bob and I had the wonderful blessing of being able to take our 12-year-old granddaughter Emily to Steamboat Springs, Colorado, on a Road Scholar intergenerational trip.  Nine grandparents, eight kids, and two leaders spent a week hiking, white water rafting, horseback riding, and (the highlight of the week) an amazing hot air balloon ride.

In recent months, I have been very intentional about being aware of Jesus’ presence throughout my days.  So, while at our highest elevation, I turned my attention inward to seek Him.  I was greeted with His beautiful face, bright with sunlight, wind in His hair, and He was laughing! I was delighted and laughed with Him, treasuring this beautiful moment of being fully alive and present with Jesus, Bob, and Emily.

After we landed, the balloon operator presented each of the kids with a certificate, which included the date and location of their balloon ride.  Included in the certificate was the following poem, which I believe God gave me as a confirmation that He really was there.

The winds have welcomed you with softness.

The sun has blessed you with warm hands.

You have flown so high and so well,

that God has joined you in your laughter

and set you gently back again

into the loving arms of Mother Earth.

Thank you, dear Father!!!


Christine Davis, YadaFactor Coach, with granddaughter Emily