Take The New Year Challenge!

By January 11, 2021Debbie Csutoros

We invite you to join us by taking the YadaFactor New Year Challenge.

It’s an opportunity to see God’s panoramic view of your story in His-story!

We’ve provided a free download below to help you get started. We’d love to hear what you discovered after you finish!

We are approaching 2021 with great expectation and hope you will join us for our next YadaFactor Experience: a 7-week online course to help you go deeper with God. It’s currently being offered for FREE!

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Our prayer is that this year you will…

  • Increase your daily time with God in the Bible.
  • Grow in confidence that you are hearing God’s voice.
  • Learn to live free, resting in God’s grace rather than human performance.
  • Find your firm identity in how God sees you versus what you see.
  • Live abundantly in God’s promises despite circumstances.
  • Find a safe place to process hidden fears and questions without judgment.

If this seems impossible, it’s NOT! We can help.

With love,



Debbie Csutoros

Debbie Csutoros

Yada Factor Founder Executive Director