“I had never journaled and had successfully avoided Bible studies for the past 25 years. My wife nagged me for 2 years to do YadaFactor. It was a life changing experience. Be courageous and vulnerable – do YadaFactor and you will be challenged and changed by the Holy Spirit!”

“I’m hearing God speak to me through His word more than ever before due to the journaling and really stopping and thinking about what is being said.”

“It has been amazing seeing how God would use the scripture I journaled on to speak directly into my circumstances.”

“YadaFactor helped me be more intentional about really processing what I am reading instead of reading for the sake of reading.”

“I just went through YadaFactor for men for the first time and I got so much out of the course! Doing life around God’s Word with 8 other men for 7 weeks was just so encouraging to me. This course has renewed my desire to stay in God’s Word and journal what He is personally saying to me each day. Very Powerful!”

“I feel I stepped outside my box when I signed up, and I am so glad I did. It was such an awesome experience.”

“I wasn’t just reading a devotional writer’s thoughts but reading scripture references and the Bible to hear what God was saying specifically to me.”

“I’ve never experienced a group like this–where we are prioritizing being in the Word, yet still getting to intimately share what God is speaking in His Word and how it applies to my life.”