Reclaiming Simple This Season


This holiday season YadaFactor invites you to join us in reclaiming simple. This encouraging email and video series has been developed to help you refocus and find joy in simplicity.

Magazines, commercials and Pinterest boards have lots of advice for leading a simple life this holiday season. These headlines scream at us: “12 Tips For Hosting Christmas Like A Pro!”, “14 Fabulous Christmas Decorating Tips!”, “3 Must-Have Gifts of 2020!”, “31 Tips For A Stress Free Christmas”, etc., etc., etc.

These headlines promise the secrets to a simple, organized and content life. But, it doesn’t take long to realize that all their tips and tricks just leave us with more to do, buy, and long for. Maybe the simple life doesn’t have anything to do tips and tricks?

Perhaps… God’s Word holds the only secret to the simple life that we need! 

More to come.

But for now, find a quiet place and let this song, Simple Gospel


Receive Vintage Christmas Carol images with your donation of any amount to YadaFactor.

You can print them, SING them, and use them as your journal prompts. There is a different song for each week of December!