I often hear “I’m afraid I won’t do it right” when teaching and sharing the method of the Yada Factor Experience. Coming from a background of perfectionism and fear of doing something wrong, I get the fear that is behind the statement. Yet, when God revealed how to have an intimate relationship with Him to Pegi, Debbie and myself, we knew He was bringing a new way to free us from the bondage of perfectionism and rules.
The guidelines we teach are more like guardrails to keep us from going back to those fears or back to feeling the need to “fix” or “give advice” that comes from our own feelings of inadequacy. Guidelines (not laws or rules) protect us from hurting those processing their own pain and to avoid feeling judgment when working through it by listening to God instead of each other.

‘Love Heals’ has always been a strong message to my heart, and I know that loving my sisters as they love me has healed so many wounds. So, when giving feedback, the motive of love is always the pattern to reflect the heart of God to each other. I Thessalonians 5:11: “Therefore, encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.”
We don’t need to worry if we reflected back everything the person shared; just listen in love and reflect the heart of God. Have grace in understanding their pain and in celebrating their victories.

I pray that grace abounds for each and every one who shares in the Yada Factor Experience. Whether you choose to use the SOAP method or write from your heart, pause to hear God’s answer in the Word. Perhaps write a song as David did. Share it with others! God can and will use it all for good and to reveal Himself more and more!
May grace, peace, and love flow from above as we share this precious gift of relationship with God and with each other.

Cindy Chamberland, Co-Founder