This month we share a past message from Christine Davis as we celebrate Women’s History Month. Thank you, Christine for sharing! And, thank you to all of our YadaFactor coaches that are giving so faithfully to the mission of YadaFactor! Be encouraged as we continue to impact the lives of so many!


In my devotions the other day, I came to this scripture:

The Lord announces His word, and the women who proclaim it are a mighty
throng. Ps 68:11

This scripture jumped out at me, as I think about the power of women in
the kingdom, and particularly the women of YadaFactor, as we lean in to
hear the voice of God. I think in YadaFactor, we encourage that deep
sensitivity to the still small voice of the Lord, and the intimacy
produced by this practice touches our hearts in a powerful and
transformative way. Women whose hearts have been transformed have more
impact on the world than they can imagine. Yada sisters, we are part
of a mighty throng!